APhA DrugInfoLine Launches New Pharmacogenomics Section

Mon, Feb 2012 04:00pm

The American Pharmacists Association today announced the launch of a new pharmacogenomics section for the APhA DrugInfoLine (ADIL) newsletter. Pharmacogenomics Corner will provide practicing pharmacists with interpretative summaries of newly published clinical articles in the field of pharmacogenomics/pharmacogenetics. With the Drug Interactions Corner, the Pharmacogenomics Corner is accessed through the Personalized Care button on the ADIL website,, and Apple Apps.

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Howard McLeod on

Thu, Sep 2011 10:00am

Howard McLeod interview with

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PGENI mentioned in diva blog

Sat, Jul 2011 10:00am

In every age and culture, the world has had its divas, and it turns out life science is not without its own. The Romans obsessed over Cleopatra. In the last century there was Liz Taylor, playing the exotic queen of Egypt on the silver screen. Today Beyonce struts the role. And the life sciences? Enter Ms. Ruby Gadelrab, Head of Marketing and Clinical Development, International Markets for a leading Bay Area genomics company. She’s known on Twitter to over 1,600 followers as simply @divabiotech. The word ‘diva’ is derived from the Italian noun,diva, which refers to a female deity, a goddess. Ms. Gadelrab certainly gets around the planet like a deity. She is full of spice, sporting five inch heels and plenty of glamour. And she’s on a mission.

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Global variation exists for response to Hepatitis therapies

Thu, Jul 2011 04:00pm

In honor of the inaugural WHO World Hepatitis Day 2011, PGENI releases a Global Risk Map for response to Hepatitis therapies. The Hepatitis C virus affects 160 million people worldwide – approximately 2.4% of the world population and is associated with a chronic infection of the liver that results in organ failure or cancer.

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South African Researchers to Use Affymetrix Arrays in New PGx Initiative

Tue, Jun 2011 04:00pm

Researchers from the University of Cape Town and the Center for Proteomic and Genomic Research in South Africa said last week that they plan to take part in the Pharmacogenomics for Every Nation Initiative.

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Greece joins PGENI

Wed, May 2011 04:00pm

Greece’s Golden Helix Institute has become the new hub for Eastern Europe in the Pharmacogenomics for Every Nation Initiative — a University of North Carolina program to help countries incorporate genomic risk data into medication decisions.

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Updated Regional Centers

Wed, May 2011 02:00pm

Updated Regional Centers

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PGENI cosponsors the 1st Latin American Pharmacogenomics Congress with the FDA.

Tue, May 2010 01:20pm

The Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine: Latin American Forum reflects a distinctive collaboration between the FDA, PR’s INDUNIV Research Consortium, the Golden Helix Institute of Biomedical Research in Europe and PGENI at UNC. This alliance presents an exceptional opportunity for the discussion of scientific and clinical issues in the development of pharmacogenomic markers for Latin American populations and their value to health care through personalized medicine.

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